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We’re so glad you’re here! We are a family owned, pharmacy and distribution business with over 40 years of history. Survived and thrived in a congested market through recession, pandemic, over supply and innovation, because we always put our customers first.  In our pharmacies we believe in going the extra mile to provide you with the greatest possible value and a family feel.

This website is our way of bringing all we stand for, for the last 40 years into this new online driven world. An ecosystem of high quality products, services, advise and recommendations, so that you can see us as more than just a pharmacy. For years we’ve been that one stop you could make to get your prescription, buy luxury perfumes, result driven skincare, the best bath and body products as well as get medical advice and services.

To all that we’re now adding our online store. We’re presenting to you a wide range of curated, tried and true products that we, our families and our customers love. Hope you’ll enjoy it!